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Hurricane Gert to save summer?


A TROPICAL hurricane currently swirling off the coast of America could save Britain's summer, forecasters say.

Hurricane Gert, now a category-1 storm tearing through the Atlantic at 85mph, is about to head this way.

But rather than hit the UK bringing up wind and rain, the storm is forecast to head north missing  country entirely.

It will form a deep area of low pressure off the northern tip of Scotland pulling high pressure up from the Continent and the Azores.

Met Office warns of 24-hour deluge

TORRENTIAL downpours will put parts of Britain on flood alert with a month’s rain forecast over the next 24 hours.

Exposed and coastal regions are braced for chilly 50mph gales as Icelandic winds put the blazing start to summer on hold.

Temperatures will take a plunge around the country as weatherman warn the weather is about to “go downhill”.

The Met Office has warned of an “unpleasant week” ahead with nowhere likely to escape almost autumnal conditions.

"Major" Arctic blast on way

BRITAIN is on alert for a “major” Arctic freeze to bring sub-zero temperatures and snow after the weekend.

Icy gales threaten blizzard conditions in parts of the country with widespread hail and sleet forecast.

Snowfall will hit Scotland and high ground across northern England early next week before hail and sleet nudge further south, experts say.

The snow risk will escalate into next weekend with heavy flurries possible across Wales and central England.

Storm Barney to hammer southern Britain on Tuesday

The Met Office said severe gales of up to 80mph on Tuesday across the south will give rise to the second named storm of the season.

A severe weather warning for wind has been issued across the region as ‘Barney’ sweeps in from the Atlantic.

Gales of 60mph are expected widely while coastal gusts could top 80mph as the storm rips through Britian during hte afternoon and into the night.

Met Office gives weather-watchers the chance to name this year's storms

IT’S that time of year again - the evenings are getting darker and the Atlantic is firing up for the run of storms which usually arrives in autumn.


So far it’s been relatively quiet. This time last year  Bertha had already unleashed mayhem, then Cristobal warmed things up before Gonzalo whipped his tail across our fair isles.


We are not unused to some pretty powerful monsters tearing across the country around September/ October time - remember the St Jude Day battering of 2013.


London worst for traffic, study reveals

LONDON motorists spend more time stuck in traffic than in any other European city, new research reveals.

Drivers waste around 96 hours on congested roads every year with the UK capital faring worse than its continental counterparts.

Britain came came fifth overall in a league of Europe’s most jammed-up countries compiled by traffic information provider INRIX.

INRIX president Bryan Mistele said the findings reflect a strengthening economy sparking a greater demand for road travel.

He said: “For the third year running, traffic in the UK is up.

90F Spanish Plume to trigger monsoon deluge at the weekend

 A FREAK mini heatwave will send thermometers rocketing to 32C (90F) on Saturday before tropical storms hit Britain.

Swathes of the country will swelter in a “Spanish plume” from the Continent with summer to a close on a monsoon deluge.

Torrential rain, gales and ferocious thunderstorms triggered by volatile Atlantic weather systems threaten a chaotic end to August.

Despite the steamy outlook over the coming days forecasters warn to batten down the hatches in the run up to the bank holiday.

What is Durham Police's 'new' Cannabis policy - interview with Ron Hogg

 This morning's papers are full of headlines claiming a UK police force has given the green light to small-scale cannabis users to grow small amounts of the drug.

However these claims seem to contradict the statement released by Durham's Police and crime commissioner Ron Hogg yesterday.

Twitter is abuzz with medical and recreational cannabis users rejoicing at a supposed relaxation of police policy.

However there is a lot of confusion, and a dangerous message has been sent out which could encourage people to ‘unwittingly’ break the law.

Cannabis users in Durham beware - there has been NO change in police policy

News has started to circulate that police in Durham will "turn a blind eye" to small-scale cannabis growers and users.

It was welcomed by drug-policy reformists and medical cannabis users who hoped this meant they could discreetly grow the plant in their homes without fear of prosecution while avoiding street dealers.

However, this is not the case.

In response to the rumours, Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg has released the following statement.

Christmas Weather and 'that' storm

No papers tomorrow so here’s the very latest outlook for Christmas Day and that storm which threatens unsettled conditions on Friday.

Most of us will wake to a crisp and sunny day tomorrow but unfortunately no snow, I believe the correct term is a ‘green Christmas’.

However, if you’ve put money on the white stuff all may not be lost, there is the chance of the odd flurry over high ground in the north - so fingers crossed.