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I provide top-quality, hard-hitting news copy to national publications including newspapers, magazines and websites.

I am available to give expert commentary on topical issues and breaking stories for broadcast and print media and have experience of working on television and radio.

I cover a range of topics including weather, health, energy and consumer issues, food and drink, human interest and general news stories (see below for some examples).

With a long and successful career in the media I have a pretty good idea what makes a story and which angle to take to give the hardest line.

I pride myself on producing material which is clean, accurate and thorough - my aim is to provide copy which can go straight onto the page.

Nathan Rao Media offers a copywriting and proofreading service and guarantees factual and well-researched material on any subject

I am available for commissions and am happy to provide content exclusively for either web use or print.

Do you have a story?

Have you been affected by an issue which people should know about?

Has something happened to you which could be affecting thousands of others?

National newspapers and magazines pay for good topical and human interest stories.

I will interview you and tell your story in the most sensitive yet effective way and sell it on your behalf.

Your story will be handled tactfully at each step and I will always make sure you are happy with what is written before it is sent out.

You will at no point be put under any pressure and I offer advice and guidance throughout the whole process.

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