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About me

About me

Nathan Rao - Director

The idea of setting up a news service came to me while sitting at my desk one day in the newsroom of a national newspaper sorting through reams of press releases, press agency copy and freelancer contributions.

How about a service which produced first-class copy, complete, accurate, polished and well-written enough to go straight on the page?

With this idea in mind I resigned from my post as consumer affairs editor and set up Nathan Rao Media.

I have been in the newspaper business for just under 20 years, five working for local publications in Kent and London and 15 at the nationals.

I kick-started my career in national media shifting in newsrooms and submitting stories to publications including The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Star and Sunday People.

I was offered full-time casual work with the Daily Express shortly after starting as a shifter and after two years was offered a staff role as Consumer Affairs Editor.

I have covered stories across the board from high-profile court cases and Government cabinet meetings to celebrity and politician interviews, consumer issues, health features, royal weddings and general news.

I have also written a bit about the weather - actually I racked up around 200 front pages on the subject while at the Express.

I became passionate about storms and blizzards, Spanish plumes, low pressure, high pressure, isobars, weather bombs, Azores highs - everything and anything meteorological.

I lay claim to being the only journalist to crash the Daily Express’s website after one of my stories drew more than two million hits in just a couple of hours.

During the past year more than 13,000,000 web users have read my articles and I have had more hits than any other contributor to the paper.

Some of my work has become the most read material in the country with several stories getting more hits than any article on any national newspaper website.

Last year I hooked up with weather forecasting legend Michael Fish and our ‘Rao & Fish’ column has run in the Express for the past 12 months.

I have interviewed and worked with celebrities including Barbara Windsor,, Lord Sugar, Joanna Lumley, Tom Jones, Natalie Cassidy, Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Prime Minister, Jessie J, and master magician Paul Daniels.

I have an absolute passion for my trade, it truly is the best job in the world, and I take great pride in doing it well.

Finally to my not so guilty pleasure, I am a devoted and life-long Madonna fan.