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Storm Barney to hammer southern Britain on Tuesday

The Met Office said severe gales of up to 80mph on Tuesday across the south will give rise to the second named storm of the season.

A severe weather warning for wind has been issued across the region as ‘Barney’ sweeps in from the Atlantic.

Gales of 60mph are expected widely while coastal gusts could top 80mph as the storm rips through Britian during hte afternoon and into the night.

Met Office Spokeswoman Nicola Maxey said: “Winds are looking very strong across the south on Tuesday and there is the possibility of disruption.

“There is more rain through the week before things turn much colder by the weekend, especially compared to the mild temperatures we have had recently.

“There is a risk of hail, thunder and snow with wintry showers possible to lower levels at the weekend.”

Forecaster Emma Sharples added: “This will be the second named wind storm, Barney, as part of the Name our Storms project. 

“Wind gusts could reach 60-70mph inland and possibly reach 80mph along exposed coasts, particularly in Wales and through the Bristol Channel.”