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Halloween cakes raise spirits at Waitrose

It is that time of year again, time to lock door, bolt windows, put out pumpkins and stuff you face with ghoulish sugary treats.

And to satisfy the nation’s growing taste for cupcakes Waitrose is dishing up a terrifying selection of horrible sweetmeats to satisfy our bloodlust.

Actually these cakes look quite nice and have been made by bakers at Fiona Cairns in Leicestershire.

Iconic Madonna ponytail fetches 20,000 at auction


MADONNA’S infamous ponytail worn during her 1990 Blond Ambition tour last night fetched $20,000 (£12,000) at auction.

The iconic platinum tassel worn by the star with the legendary Jean Paul Gaultier gold pointed bustier went under the hammer with an estimate of between $3,000 (£1,785) and $5,000 (£2,975).

However it sold for four times the expected figure at the Profiles in History auction in California, America, last night (Sunday).

Thomson unveils vision for future air travel

AIR travel is about to turn super-tech as Thomson Airways unveils its vision to “revolutionise holiday flying”.

It promises travellers the ultimate holiday experience from take off until the moment they land back in Britain with planned changes to its fleet including the luxury 787 Dreamliner.

The holiday giant has revealed its five-year vision to “change the face of holiday flying” acquiring two more of Dreamliners  with another 47 new Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts by 2020.

Energy UK boss Angela Knight steps down from top job

ANGELA Knight, the so-called vo ice of the Energy industry, is to step down from her post as chief executive of Energy UK.

Ms Knight, 63, sad she wants to “develop further a non-executive portfolio career” and will leave the role at the end of the year.

After joining Energy UK in September 2012 she brought together a number of organisations to create the organisation.

Is there ANOTHER ex-hurricane on the way this month?

BRITAIN could be looking at another hammering from the elements with the “seeds” of yet more tropical storms currently sprouting near the Atlantic.

Forecasters last night said they have spotted signs of a “hurricane-force” storm brewing off the coast of Africa threaten to  disrupt Britain’s calm autumn weather later this month.

If it develops it is likely to swing northwards with Europe and the UK in the firing line in around 10 to 12 days, they added, though said it is far too early to start panicking.

EU allergens rule to send cost of eating out rocketing

THE cost of eating out is about to rocket thanks to a European edict on food allergens due to come into force at the end of the year.

As exclusively revealed in The Sun this week, Restaurants, cafes and other venues serving food are currently “in crisis” rushing to prepare for stringent rules which take effect in December.

All businesses including hotels, pubs, takeaways, and motorway service stations will be required to record, label and track all foods which could contain any of 14 allergens.

Britain's elderly forced into poverty by "failing" pension system

BRITAIN’S elderly are being failed by the pensions system and losing billions of pounds in unclaimed benefits, a damning report out today (Tuesday) claims.

Around a third of people eligible for a top up on their state pension don’t claim with many simply unaware they are entitled, according to ‘Later Life Ambitions’.

The document slams  the pensions system as “not the comprehensive safety net that most people expect” and warns of the growing elderly poverty crisis.

B&Q apologises to "tens of thousands of customers"


DIY giant B&Q was last night (Friday)  forced to apologise to “tens of thousands” of customers who were sent a rogue email saying they had “registered” with the firm.

The email, sent earlier in the day, welcomed recipients to B & Q and told them they would be advised of latest offers and new ranges.

However the firm later sent another message admitting the first had been sent in error and insisted no personal details had been leaked.

It said the blunder was the result of a system upgrade and had occurred as work was being carried out on its website.

The Ice Bucket Challenge - water wastage and hypocrisy

There is a craze sweeping the world at the moment, filling newspapers and ‘going viral’ on the internet.

For anyone who has been living in a cave for the past two months I am talking about the ‘ice bucket challenge’ - the latest thing to be seen doing.

A simple theory, it involves filling a bucket with water and tipping it over your head, preferably with a camera pointed in your direction.

Complaints to energy companies reach record high

ENERGY companies were the target of more customer complaints last month than ever before, shocking new figures reveal this week.

Experts say the major suppliers are in “meltdown” with staff unable to deliver basic customer service.

Disgruntled households lodged 5,193 complaints in July compared to 4,178 the previous month - 24 a per cent rise.

It is almost three times more than the same time last year when 1,844 complaints were made in July 2013, according to the Energy Ombudsman.