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July 2015

Cannabis users in Durham beware - there has been NO change in police policy

News has started to circulate that police in Durham will "turn a blind eye" to small-scale cannabis growers and users.

It was welcomed by drug-policy reformists and medical cannabis users who hoped this meant they could discreetly grow the plant in their homes without fear of prosecution while avoiding street dealers.

However, this is not the case.

In response to the rumours, Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg has released the following statement.

What is Durham Police's 'new' Cannabis policy - interview with Ron Hogg

 This morning's papers are full of headlines claiming a UK police force has given the green light to small-scale cannabis users to grow small amounts of the drug.

However these claims seem to contradict the statement released by Durham's Police and crime commissioner Ron Hogg yesterday.

Twitter is abuzz with medical and recreational cannabis users rejoicing at a supposed relaxation of police policy.

However there is a lot of confusion, and a dangerous message has been sent out which could encourage people to ‘unwittingly’ break the law.