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Fancy a mince pie in September? Head to Sainsbury's where Christmas has started early

MINCE pies and Christmas puddings have already landed on the shelves at Sainsbury’s  – almost four months early.

Festive foods are out on display despite it being the first week of September with Halloween and Guy Fawkes’ still to come.

Shoppers are being tempted to stock up on mince pies, Christmas puddings and seasonal cakes with summer just a week behind us.

Shoppers have taken to social media in surprise at seeing mince pies on the shelves with Britain only just cooled down from the August heatwave. 

One wrote: “Summer is officially over according to Sainsburys.... Either that or they have some new bakery staff practising ready for Christmas.... Mince pies in September!”

Another said: “Just been to Sainsburys and they have mince pies and Christmas puddings in stock.”

One customer commented: “Thanks sainsburys for confirming that summer is over and we are now straight into Christmas.”

Others have criticised the supermarket giant for encouraging food waste while others joked about stocking up ahead of Brexit.

One shopper wrote: “With kids going back to school this week @sainsburys are already selling Mince Pies for Christmas at the front of their stores... Reminded me I need to stockpile for #Brexit.."

Responding on Twitter, a spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “It's good to get in the Christmas spirit nice and early!”