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Halloween cakes raise spirits at Waitrose

It is that time of year again, time to lock door, bolt windows, put out pumpkins and stuff you face with ghoulish sugary treats.

And to satisfy the nation’s growing taste for cupcakes Waitrose is dishing up a terrifying selection of horrible sweetmeats to satisfy our bloodlust.

Actually these cakes look quite nice and have been made by bakers at Fiona Cairns in Leicestershire.

And for anyone in and doubt of our love for cakes, Waitrose expects to sell enough this year to stretch between London and Paris, and back.

Each one is made by hand from the rolling and shaping of the icing to hand-piping the decorative toppings.

Every stage is carried out by a team of experts who spend more than 1,000 hours creating the spooky mini masterpieces. 

With just days to go Halloween decorations are already up 40 per cent and Halloween confectionery is up 10 per cent at Waitrose.

Tracey Anderson, Waitrose bakery product developer, said: “While candle-lit pumpkins remain an essential part of Halloween, our customers are increasingly making more of an occasion out of this seasonal celebration and enjoying a spooky sweet treat too.  

“We’ve been working closely alongside the team at Fiona Cairns for many years now and the trend for striking, beautifully-coloured cupcakes and fairy cakes continues – with so many beautifully designed sweet treats for our customers to choose from, this Halloween is looking spooktacular.”