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July 2014

The power of football and the billion pound World Cup effect

I don’t get football. I find it boring, pretentious and generally pointless. In fact, I hate it - I realise I am in the minority.

This became especially apparent during the World Cup when for more than a month everyone (it seemed) except me was obsessed with the events in Brazil.

Not only was it on every television channel and in every newspaper, but shops, offices pubs and homes were full of it.

It didn’t light my candle, but as I said I was in the minority and in fact the impact of the event was astonishing, not least on the boost to the economy.

It's time to ditch the jargon and welcome back proper English

The job of a journalist is to tell people what’s going on. It’s really as simple as that.

Relaying events and reporting on issues and policies which affect people’s everyday lives.

A journalist’s job is to be in the courts, in Parliament, at Government announcements and in company briefings on behalf of the public and then to report back through the pages of a newspaper or on screen, telling the nation what has just been carried out in their name and at their expense.